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The stock market is full of people who know the price, but they have no idea about the value.Philip Fisher

Lucky Island Co.Ltd., founded in 2009 and continues to gain momentum. We are engaged in real estate investment, specifically in the construction of hotels, recreation centers, health centers in remote resort Islands in Southeast Asia.

Potential investments is disclosed only in trust

By the Qualitative provision of services (each investment project undergoes a thorough analysis on the profitability, the need for financial advice provided by our staff).

We guarantee you will enjoy!

Mild climate, crystal clear air, the freshness of the sea and the tenderness of the sun. The perfect place to rest and work, for life and love for adults and children. Here are our priorities that we choose a place for the new construction of hotels on the Islands. Our task is to create a comfortable, environmentally friendly project and turn it into reality.

Reliability, prospects and benefits

Our mission is to fill people's lives with positive emotions. More of warmth, more healthy smiles. To this end, we invite You to our investment Fund. Together we can transform it not only in the construction of various real estate, but in the cure # 1 for Your desires

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The success of the investment depends on the manifest in the planning of attention to detail. Knowing the details comes only with experience. Therefore, our company has united the best experts to maximize investment and minimize risks.

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Guided by a rich personal experience we offer our customers only investment in cost-effective and reliable projects, followed by capital appreciation.

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